Dark Foliage

Episode: 3
Title: Dark Foliage
Broadcast: 6 September
Presenter: Mel

Classic black can be as hot in gardens as it is on the catwalk, so why not add a bit of dark moody foliage to your planting scheme this season.

  • Cordyline ‘Renegade’ has rich chocolately foliage and a compact growth habit to around 1 metre tall – so it’s perfect for small gardens and decorative pots. It also displays fragrant creamy coloured flowers, which are a great contrast to the dark foliage.
  • Phormium Border Black is another top choice with dark purple brown foliage and a lush, exotic look.
  • Bring a gothic touch to the garden with Black Mondo Grass. This strappy leafed plant is wonderfully stylish forming clumps of midnight black. Use it to edge borders and paths, in decorative containers or as part of an Asian inspired garden.
  • A Leucadendron called ‘Burgundy Sunset’ is low maintenance and dry tolerant but it’s the foliage which is the real knock-out. It’s such a dark burgundy that’s it’s almost black. And it flowers through autumn and winter when the garden really needs a lift – so it’s a stunning choice for a hedge or screen.
  • For deep, dark burgundy foliage this plant is hard to beat; Loropetalum ‘Plum Gorgeous’. It looks this good in every season and even better in spring and autumn when it’s laden with vivid raspberry tassel-like flowers. It has a graceful weeping growth habit too, so its ideal for Asian style planting.
  • Agonis ‘Burgundy’ has lovely weeping almost willow-like foliage with decorative burgundy new growth. In mid-spring the branches are smothered in small white tea-tree like flowers – which are a lovely contrast It grows to around 5 metres tall, so it makes the perfect screening plant.
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