RSL Rose

Story Title: RSL Rose
Episode: Two
Broadcast Date: 30th March 2012
Presenter: Kim Syrus

Amongst this year's new rose releases, is a very special variety, carrying the name and supporting one of Australia's best-known and most revered organizations, The Returned and Services League the RSL

A Rose for a Good Cause

  • The RSL Rose is one of Kim Syrus's introductions and a wonderful gift to Australia from the great French rose breeding house of Meilland International, creator of the famous Peace rose.
  • The striking tones of regal burgundy and soft amber make the RSL rose a standout in any garden. Mirroring the colours of dawn and dusk, each classic shaped bud opens to produce an informal, petal filled flower borne on long cutting stems
  • The bush is continuously in bloom, well rounded and clothed in glossy deep green foliage
  • Carrying a light spicy rose perfume, the RSL Rose is hardy and healthy, growing to 1.5m high
  • Sales of the RSL Rose will assist the RSL to promote and sustain their service to veterans and their families across the nation
  • The RSL rose is available for sale through a special website
  • Numbers will be limited, so it's advisable to order early to secure your plants. Roses will be shipped in July via Australia Post