Sweet Spot the Rose

Episode: 7
Title: Sweet Spot the Rose
Broadcast: 25h April
Presenter: Melissa

Melissa introduces the Sweet Spot Decorator Rose, a rose so different that it is demanded a whole new category of its own.

  • The story of how this amazing specimen came about takes place around 25 years ago; two top rose breeders got together to discuss a young
    seedling that had popped up in their nursery.

  • They started the journey of breeding to develop a rose with a kaleidoscope of colours, and a long flowering habit.

  • The flower is gorgeous and incredibly different, it has a constant repeatable bloom cycle, the foliage is lush, and the plants are lovely and uniform in size.

  • It grows beautifully in pots and planters as well as garden beds; it is also a welcome addition to the balcony and courtyards.

  • The continuation of creating more exciting colours for this plant remains strong to this very day, so there will be future varieties added to this rose family.

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