Grouping Plants with Similar Watering Needs

Episode: 1
Title: Grouping Plants with Similar Watering Needs
Broadcast: 5th September 2015
Presenter: Darren Seinor

Good garden design is the key to creating a waterwise, drought tolerant garden. Creating zones around the garden allows plants with similar watering and maintenance requirements to thrive together.

  • Often referred to as hydrozoning, creating zones based on plant needs allows you to set up your garden with irrigation stations delivering the required amount of water for the plants and helps prioritise maintenance and fertilising requirements.
  • Think about the following zones types when setting up your garden:
    • Primary: These are high demand water areas and may require daily watering by hand. Examples include vegetable gardens.
    • Secondary: These are moderate demand water areas and thrive on the two days a week watering roster. Examples include lawn/grass and ornamentals.
    • Minimal: These are low demand water areas and may only require hand watering in the hotter months. Examples include established natives.
  • For gardeners who need help with sourcing this information, a Waterwise Accredited Landscaper or Waterwise Accredited Garden Centre should be the first stop. They specialize in assisting gardeners to make great choices for their gardens.
  • A water wise garden is a balance between plants, lawn and hardscapes so that you have fit-for-purpose spaces that suit your lifestyle and meet your budget.
  • Visit for more information or to browse the water wise plants directory.

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