Soil Solver

Episode: 3
Title: Soil Solver
Broadcast: 19th September 2015
Presenter: Darren Seinor

This story looks at Soil Solver's Clay Plus and Darren visits Lessa, a home gardener who has also discovered the amazing benefits of this completely natural soil improver.

  • Clay Plus acts like a concentrated form of loam, containing clay silts and rock minerals, combining it with existing garden soil and mature compost will transform gutless, infertile sand into the rich, healthy loam all gardeners strive for.
  • By mixing clay into the sand and adding compost, we create loam and the amazing news is that our soil is now transformed permanently.
  • Not only do our vegetable, gardens and lawns thrive but the fertilizer and water that was being wasted is now staying here in the root zone where it belongs, helping to save both money and the environment.
  • Leesa's garden, especially her productive garden, is proof positive of the benefits of incorporating the silt and mineral rich loam of Clay Plus into existing garden soil and as Leesa has discovered great compost on it's own is not enough, the clay is definitely necessary.
  • Soil Solver is a West Australian product introduced to the gardening public by one of our local farmers, its unique natural Kaolin Clay blend contains trace elements and all the ingredients needed to solve your sandy soil problem.
  • Soil Solver is available at your nearest garden centre, Masters store or online at

Soil Solver: Contact – 08 9245 1894