Tree Guru Talks His Favourites

Story Title: Tree Guru Talks His Favourites
Episode: Six
Broadcast Date: 21st October 2012
Presenter: Melissa King

Melissa talks to our tree expert Wes Fleming about the trees he plants in his own backyard.

Tree Guru's top trees

  • The silver birch or Himalayan birch will add amazing shade to your garden during summer. In winter it is quite spectacular, with the exposed white peeling bark adding a dramatic feature to your landscape.
  • The ornamental pear was nicknamed 'dancer' due to the way the foliage appears to dance in the breeze.
  • The European hornbeam has allowed Wes to create a screen that defines the space between his garden and the native bushland that surrounds his home. Once the trees are established, they will form a natural hedge that will look sensational.


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