Repotting hanging baskets

Title: Repotting hanging baskets
Episode: 3
Broadcast Date: 16/03/14
Presenter: Kim Syrus

Hanging baskets are a great addition to any garden, and mean you can maximize the space you have available. Coir fiber hanging baskets often bled in well with their surroundings, and the wire hangers can be as simple or as intricate as you like. As with all plants, re-potting is an important part of keeping your garden alive and looking its best, and Autumn is a great time to get started.

Hanging Around.

  • Coir is great, but is a natural fiber, which means it has a shelf-life. Water, fertilizer, and even the odd animal or two moving in can take a toll on the liner.
  • Repotting into a new liner is easy, provided you have all the tools and products you need. As always, a good potting mix is a must-and Kim has chosen to use Scotts Premium Professional to keep his baskets looking beautiful.
  • Like clothes on the washing line, hanging baskets can dry out really quickly-Scotts Premium Professional is great for retaining the water your plants need to stay alive. Scotts Premium Professional is so good at retaining water as it contains coir, whetting agent to assist with water penetration and next generation water crystals for moisture.
  • To re-pot your baskets; tip out the old liner and plant, shake off any old potting mix from the root-ball and remove dead or old growth.
  • Pop the new liner in the basket, add some potting mix, your plant, top up with potting mix, give it a good water, and you’re away.