Soombi Gardens

Episode: 7
Title: Soombi Gardens
Broadcast: 25th April
Presenter: Trevor

Trevor visits the incredible garden known as the Soombi Garden, located in South Korea, near the island of Jeju.

  • “Soombi”, in the local dialect, means taking deep breaths.

  • There are over 200 acres of garden, featuring all sorts of plants, some of which are naturally grown in grouped areas, and in great order.

  • One avenue, near the native garden, is lined with camellias. These camellias have been planted by newly weds on their wedding days, giving this garden the name Honeymoon Road. The couples would return years later, with their children, to check the progress of their camellias.

  • The Shilla Resort is supplied with its own kitchen garden, so you’ll be eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

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