Growing Apples at Home

Story Title: Growing Apples at Home
Episode: Five
Date: 3rd April 2010
Trevor Cochrane

An apple a day is good for you but would you like one and lack the right space for a tree? Maybe you don't know it, but Espalier is a great way around it.

Featured Product

Searle's 5 in 1

  • Contains a potent mix of cow, fowl and sheep manures, blood & bone, fish & kelp, natural potash, worm castings, mushroom compost and minerals.
  • 100% organic registered BFA organic.
  • Ideal for fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, flowers and shrubs.
  • Long lasting will fertilise for the season.
  • Outstanding results, guaranteed to grow plants.
  • Easy to use. Dig in with existing soil or spread thinly over the surface.

Dwarf Fruiting Apple Tree - Pinkabelle

  • Best tree for small gardens and no gardens. It fruits in the first year growth, meaning you don't prune it, and being a sport of the pink lady it has large deliciously juicy fruit.
    Tip: Pinkabelle shows signs of self fertility in suburban gardens although planting with another variety like Granny Smith, Fuji or Gala guarantees huge crops.
  • If you have a fence or wall that you'd like to screen, apples make the most magnificent tree to espalier against a wall or set up as a screen. Simply tie the branches down to wires and regularly trim the tree to shape. This system makes using an apple with its soft green foliage a feature in its own right. Trees can live for hundreds of years using this technique.
  • If you're buying an apple tree, make sure you visit a garden centre that ideally specialises in fruit or at least has a large fruit section. The specialist should be able to tell you what pollinator is right for your variety and when it will deliver fruit.
  • The critical thing with apples is making sure you have a consistent soil moisture level and give them a feed twice a year. Remember the apple is a super food full of sensational nutrients fibre, pectin and antioxidants. That's why an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

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