Troforte lawn and roses

Episode: 5
Title: Troforte lawn and roses
Broadcast: 11th April
Presenter: Trevor

Trevor applies Troforte on roses to keep them looking good and healthy throughout the winter months.

  • Roses are one of the most productive plants and the energy the plant must expend to deliver beautiful, healthy blooms is enormous.

  • Roses have a comprehensive plant diet, so providing them with a poor source of nutrients could result in fungal outbreaks.

  • Troforte changes the way you feed your plants by improving soils with every use.

  • Troforte is the result of 15 years of dedicated research into the role that beneficial soil microbes play in keeping healthy soils and providing better plants.

  • Troforte contains up to 24 strains of carefully selected beneficial soil microbes and up to 60 minerals to ensure hardier plants and healthier produce.

  • Troforte is proudly Australian made and is completely environmentally, river and reef safe.

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