Pruning Grape Vines

Episode: 3
Title: Pruning Grape Vines
Broadcast: 19th September 2015
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Grapevines are excellent plants, they give us masses of wonderful fruit, beautiful autumn leaf colour and they’re fairly easy to grow at home. One thing you’ll need to get right with your grapes is your pruning, and in the southern states, now is the time for that.

  • The reason we prune grapes is to manage next season’s grape production and get a well-balanced vine with the right amount of leaves to help ripen the fruit to maturity.
  • There are two pruning techniques to prune your grapes; Spur pruning which is that classic look you see at many vineyards, and cane pruning, also used in smaller vineyards.
  • When pruning high places, Fiskars telescopic tree pruner is ideal for the task. Use Yates Lime Sulphur after pruning to protect against fungal diseases and pests, these can be purchased at any hardware store or nursery.

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