St Ives Community Garden, Murdoch

Title: St Ives Community Garden, Murdoch
Episode: 9
Broadcast: 27/4/14
Presenter: Trevor

Welcome to St Ives Community Garden in Murdoch! Trevor designed this garden last year and its whole purpose was to provide the residents of the estate a place of community, where they can come together and socialize whilst producing their own food crops. Tune in to see how they are making the most of this great space.

  • The garden took a difficult to use area of around 500m2 and has been built on the soils that once housed a significant pine tree plantation. The expectation was that the soil would be acidic but in reality top fill and a close proximity to the ocean meant the soil was more alkaline and therefore Trevor and the crew imported the growing soil.
  • The raised garden beds are designed to make gardening easier. No bending over, and you can sit atop these beds, which allows a level of comfort when weeding, planting or harvesting.
  • These simple design strategies are more important for people with physical disabilities and limited mobility and designing this way takes the backbreaking work out of growing things.
  • The garden has a series of features including a fruit forest but when you’ve got limited space setting up espalier systems really pays off. It allows you to spread some trees around the external areas whilst still growing vegetable crops under or near them.
  • The trees include citrus such as lemons, limes and also Mandarins and oranges. Trevor has also added avocadoes and Mangoes, and they will eventually be big trees providing shelter for crops below.