Suncheon Bay Garden

Episode: 5
Title: Suncheon Bay Garden
Broadcast: 11th April
Presenter: Trevor & Kim

Trevor and Kim visits the Suncheon Bay Garden, located near the city of Suncheon in the southwest part of South Korea.

  • The Suncheon Bay Gardens have held the 2013 Suncheon Garden Expo, the first of its kind to be held in Korea. The expo focused on green technology development such as solar energy, sustainable garden development and electronic transportation.

  • Suncheon Bay Gardens is filled with multiple, country specific styled gardens from throughout the world, replicating the best of dozens of different nationalities’ garden styles.

  • Ancient Korean gardens would use rocks, stacked upon each other, as representatives of ancient deities to stand guard over entrance ways to the garden’s heart.

  • Suncheon Bay Gardens are showcasing breakthroughs in rose breeding, because of their ability to grow in humid conditions is very limited. The Knockout rose is a great example of a rose that can grow in sticky, humid conditions; they can also be purchased at your local garden

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