Fish and Lily Farm

Story Title: Fish and Lily Farm
Episode: Eight
Date: April 24th 2010
Presenter:  Trevor Cochrane

Trevor visit the top fish and lily farm in WA to find out what the buzz is over tropical water lilies and edible water plants.

Woodvale Fish and Lily Farm

  • The tropical water lilies with their stand out flowers are a stand out. They stand 100 to 200mm above the water line and make a great feature in a pot.
  • To grow them in a pot successfully, grab a sealed pot and a bag of gravel. This will be the base for the water lily and you simply plant your water lily in a pot and place it buried into the gravel.
  • You will need to feed it with water plant feeder tablets and it should be placed in a brightly lit sunny position in the garden. Next summer stand back because you'll be dazzled with these gorgeous blooms that can even be cut and placed in a vase indoors.
  • Look out for the next edition of The Guru Magazine for another great article by the co-owner of Woodvale Fish and Lily Farm, Calinda Anderson.


Woodvale Fish and Lily Farm
26 Woodvale Drive,
Woodvale WA 6026
Phone: 08 9409 9248