Tree Guru Talks Water Wise Trees

Story Title: Tree Guru Talks Water Wise Trees
Episode: Ten
Broadcast Date: 8th December 2012
Presenter: Melissa King

Melissa talks to our tree expert Wes Fleming about tree varieties that will help reduce your garden water bill

Tree Guru's Top Picks

  • The 'New Norcia Mission' Olive tree will begin fruiting about 3 years after planting and are beautifully ornamental as well as functional. They will handle harsh, dry climates brilliantly
  • The Australian Bottle tree or Boab derives its name from the bottle like trunk that develops as the tree matures. From 5 8 years a distinct bottle neck shape will appear and the tree will become a talking piece for your garden
  • The White Cedar can handle the harshest of Australian climates and belongs to the mahogany family. Its is a deciduous, shade tree and will grow up to 12 metres in a home garden environment with a span of 6 8 metres


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