Brush with Gondwana

Episode: Two
Date: April 25th (26th in WA)
Story: Brush with Gondwana
Presenter: Neville Passmore

Neville meets Pat Dundas and Ellen Hickman, two of the seven artists from the Botanical Artists group at one of the sources of their inspiration, Kings Park in Western Australia.
They have just published a new book, ?Brush with Gondwana?

About The Botanical Artists Group of Western Australia (BAG)

  • Was formed as a result of the artists being part of an exhibition at the Art Gallery of Western Australia in 1991 called 'Wildflowers in Art'.
  • The group has had at least one major exhibition each year since then, initially at the Wildflower Festival in Kings Park and Botanic Gardens and more recently at Kingfisher Gallery.
  • Two of the groups most notable collaborative efforts have been the limited edition Artpiece for Perth Mint (for the release of the Centenary of Federation coin) and illustrations for Curtiss's magazine (Royal Botanic Garden, Kew, UK).

Brush with Gondwana

  • A new book Brush with Gondwana written by Dr Janda Gooding, documents the progress and history of the group and features over 100 beautiful illustrations by the artists. Appropriately, this book is dedicated to Rica; artist, botanist, natural historian and author, in the hundredth anniversary year of her birth
  • The book brings together the work of seven leading botanical artists, along with stories behind each artist?s illustrations and reveals a rich and diverse record of Western Australia?s unique flora, fauna and fungi.
  • Illustrations:
    • Pat Dundas
    • Ellen Hickman
    • Philippa Nikulinsky
    • Margaret Pieroni
    • Katrina Syme
    • Rica Erickson
    • Penny Leech

The book is published by Fremantle Arts Centre Press.

Fremantle Arts Centre Press
Fremantle press is a small independent publishing house. They are renowned for publishing works of high quality. These publications include poetry, fiction, non-fiction, creative non-fiction and children?s literature, from both new and established authors.

To get your very own copy of ?Brush with Gondwana? click here