Gardening by the Coast

Episode: Two
Date: 25th April (26th in WA)
Story: Gardening by the Coast
Presenter: Neville Passmore

Plants can struggle to survive in harsh coastal conditions. Neville explores some of the issues associated with this environment and also shows viewers what beautiful plants will flourish in coastal gardens.

Problems and Solutions

  • One of the issues of living by the coast is the strong winds that tend to dry out plants quickly. One way to fix this problem is by creating a wind break such as a fence or hedge.
  • Another problem is iron deficiency in plants which can be treated with iron chelates.
  • Coastal soils are often sandy so this means that fertiliser tends to get washed through. A soil PH Test Kit is useful in determining the PH level of your soil. Regular and small applications of sulphur powder, or alternatively sulphated iron, will help to drive down the PH levels.
  • Adding compost to the soil before or after planting helps in holding moisture and nutrients.

Featured Plants

?Red Leaf Cotton Wood, Hibiscus tiliaceus rubra

  • Some plants grow better by the coast than others and this is one of the better ones.
  • Has delicate yellow flowers.

Red Cap Gum, Eucalyptus erythrocorys

  • Grows naturally by the coast.
  • Small tree.

Frangipani Everlasting Love, Plumeria pudica

  • Frangipanis are tough plants.
  • Everlasting Love is an unusual variety.
  • Flourishes by the coast.

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