Weed Control

Episode: Two
Date: 25th April (26th in WA)
Story: Weed Control
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Weeds are always a constant problem that gardeners face and Autumn can be one of the worst times of year for weeds. But not to worry- Trevor looks at several ways to prevent them from taking over your garden.

Top ways to get rid of weeds
The rain in April stimulates the growth of weeds. Controlling weeds is important, as once they grow, flower and drop their seeds; they can become a nightmare to get rid of. Doing a little bit of weeding per day will do wonders.

Grass weeds

  • Grass growing in the garden bed is difficult to control, but fusillade can help.
  • Fusilade is registered for commercial use only.
  • It is a selective herbicide ? it only kills grasses. Therefore, it can be sprayed over your other plants, without affecting them.
  • Fusilade is registered for commercial use only. For a professional application contact your local VIP Home Services contractor or The Garden Gurus landscape and maintenance division.

Other weeds

  • Systemic herbicide needs to be used.
  • Works by going in through the leaves, kills the roots and within a couple of weeks, the plant is completely dead.

Non-chemical method

  • Apply newspaper over the area you wish to treat, and then apply mulch over the top.
  • This will take out approximately 95% of the weeds and best of all is completely natural.

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