Timbercrete Pavers

Episode: Seven
Date: 30th May 2009. 31st May in WA.
Story: Timbercrete Pavers
Presenter: Neville Passmore

Neville simplifies creating a beautiful garden with a hot new release product, Timbercrete Pavers. Timbercrete makes a great material for retaining walls, paving and edging and Neville shows how simple it is to use this product.

Featured Product:

Timbercrete Pavers

  • Timbercrete is a ground-breaking building material with unprecedented qualities. Whether used as bricks, blocks, panels or pavers, its comprehensive performance and benefits to the environment will astound you.
  • Timbercrete doesn?t burn your feet, even on a hot day. A recent study on a 40 degree day found that concrete pavers recorded an average temperature of 75 degrees Celsius, whilst Timbercrete pavers were only 57 degrees Celsius.
  • A combination of grass, garden and Timbercrete around your home will keep the home cooler and reduce the need for air conditioning, as well as making entertaining on a paved area more comfortable.
  • Timbercrete locks up carbon, reducing Australia?s carbon foot print. As a sustainable ingredient in Timbercrete is wood waste, large amounts of Carbon are locked away for the life of the pavers and blocks.
  • Timbercrete is light, weighing less than half the weight of concrete. Therefore, large blocks or super sized pavers can be laid by one person.
  • They are also natural looking. Timbercrete?s main finish is the substantially single colour Sandstone look. However, many other natural looks can be achieved by special order, including mixed colours and swirls.
  • These are great for those wishing to undertake do-it-yourself products, as the Timbercrete products can be easily cut with a handsaw or grinder.

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