Smart Garden Watering Website

Episode: Seven
Date: 30th May 2009
Story: Smart Garden Watering Website
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Tired of dreaming up more ways to save money? Trevor takes the guess work out by showing us a new interactive website, packed with water conservation ideas, easy enough to implement around the garden.

Featured Product:

Smart Garden Watering Website
(For Victorians)

  • The Smart Garden Watering Website is an interactive website that shows gardeners the most water efficient way to sustain their gardens.
  • The website is backed by University of Melbourne research and is based on the Burnley Plant Directory, with over 1,500 plant species which makes it the most comprehensive plant database for the Melbourne and Geelong regions. Also uses historical weather data to work out average rainfalls.
  • There are many factors which determine the water needs of an Australian garden, and the website takes into account the climate zone of the garden, soil type, use of mulches, and the slope of ground and microclimate of the garden.
  • The website allows users to divide their gardens into zones and list the specific plant types and ground conditions in each zone.
  • Once a garden has been mapped, users can then input the irrigation method used in the garden. A unique feature is a monthly watering schedule, which will be created, thus allowing users to be more effective with their watering behaviour.
  • Another useful feature is the water tank calculator that allows users to explore their ability to supply water to their gardens throughout the year.
  • The Smart Garden Watering Website is easy to use and has a practical help function and instructional videos to assist users.
  • The University of Melbourne has received a second Smart Water Fund grant to expand the website, with a number of new features including a social networking application to allow users to share their experiences and create an online community of water aware gardens.

About Smart Water Fund
Melbourne?s water businesses, together with the Victorian Government have established and jointly operate the Smart Water Fund. This fund was established to encourage and support innovative development of water, biosolids, recycling and water saving projects within the community.

The Smart Water Fund has provided a grant to the University of Melbourne to investigate watering requirements by looking at soil types, irrigation techniques, plant types and micro climates across Melbourne.

Smart Water Fund
Mail: Smart Water Fund, PO Box 8520, Heatherton 3202
Phone: 1800 882 432