Rose Pruning

Episode: Seven
Date: 30th May 2009. 31st in WA.
Story: Rose Pruning
Presenter: Neville Passmore

Neville shows what to do with your iceberg roses to have them looking beautiful for spring.

What to do with ?Iceberg? Roses

  • The Iceberg rose is one of the world?s greatest rose varieties, but it doesn?t know when to go to sleep, so July 1st is when you should help it out.
  • One of the best methods to use is ?Half by a half by a pencil?.
  • Start off by working out the middle point of all growth, and cut straight through with a pair of hedge shears.
  • Next, take out half the canes, right back to the crown. This is where you can be a bit discerning, by leaving the younger ones.
  • The last step, if there is anything skinnier than a pencil, break it off.
  • Come spring, the bush will be ready and able to explode with flowers.

For more tips on caring for roses, check out The Rose, written by Neville and Trevor. The Rose is a stunningly beautiful book, featuring the latest and the greatest roses, including David Austin, hybrid tea, floribunda, old-fashioned and landscape roses. For more information click here.