Install a Garden Watering System

Story Title: Install a Garden Watering System
Episode: Three
October 10th 2009
Neville Passmore

In week three of the Mitre 10 Projects, Neville installs a reticulation system for the Poole family that will water Mikenzee’s garden exactly when it needs it.

It’s easy to undertake projects such as these with the help from Mitre 10. Mitreplanner #10, “Install a garden watering system,” will provide you with all the instructions so you too can install your own watering system.

Your local Mitre 10 store will not only supply you with all the products you need, but will also give you expert advice and friendly service.

For more information, download the full planner here, visit or visit your local Mitre 10 store.

Thanks to the following companies for supplying products:

Lawn supplied by:

Palmetto Group of WA
Address: 25 Shields Crescent, Booragoon, WA
Phone: 9330 8178

Reticulation products supplied by:

Address: 53 Howards Road, Beverly SA 5009
Phone: 1300 134 880

Pavers supplied by:

Atlas Paving
Address: Alexander Drive, Malaga
Phone: 1300 728 527

For more detailed information, see separate factsheet “Create Garden Paths.”