Wattle Grove Worst Garden

Channel Nine PerthThe Sunday Times

Story Title: Wattle Grove Worst Garden
Episode: Five
Date: November 1st 2009
Presenter: Geraldine Chia

South of the river first home owners finalists Luis and Edwina of Wattlegrove dream of a contemporary and modern garden to compliment the beautiful new home.

  • This garden is not really a catastrophic garden, it can’t even be considered as a failed attempt, and that’s because there isn’t anything here.
  • It’s a worst garden finalist because, well there simply is no garden!
  • The only oasis here is of the desert kind.
  • The owners are a classic example of a young couple built the perfect home and have no been able to finish the outdoor areas due to financial complications.
Make the dreams of Luis and Edwina come true as they roll out the turf and colour this canvas with flowers and stunning features.


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