Citrus Delight

Story Title: Citrus Delight.
Episode: Five.
Date: November 7th 2009.
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane.

Trevor shows us how to have your citrus trees performing at their best.

Featured Products:

Searles 5 in 1 Organic Plant Food

  • Combines the benefits of cow, fowl and sheep manure as well as blood & bone, fish & kelp nutrient, natural potash, worm castings and organic mushroom compost.
  • Is long lasting which produces outstanding results.
  • Ideal for veggies, herbs, flower gardens and boosting citrus trees. Promotes rich, healthy fruit and vegetables.
  • Is BFA registered organic.
  • Adds valuable humus and beneficial microbes to the soil which encourages healthy earthworm activity.


Searles Kickalong Organic Plant Food

  • BFA registered organic made in Australia.
  • Contains blood & bone, natural potash, fish and kelp nutrient and zeolite.
  • Contains all the necessary elements for robust healthy growth.
  • Long lasting and better uptake by plants.
  • Great healthy option for vegetable, herb and citrus growing.
  • Easy to apply and won’t burn simply water in.


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