Story Title: Gutterguard.
Episode: Five.
Date: November 7th 2009.
Presenter: Kim Syrus

Blocked and overflowing gutters are no longer a problem as Kim has a simple solution.



  • A blocked gutter can create serious water damage to your home, cause wood rot plus give mosquitoes a place to breed.
  • Another reason is that it is a fire hazard in the summer season.
  • Keeping gutters clean can be problem if you physically can’t climb a ladder, you don’t like getting on the roof or you simply don’t have the time. Then it’s really important to find someone who can.
  • People like VIP are experienced in removing leaves, debris and sludge and keeping up with this maintenance a couple of times a year will extend the life of your gutters, save you money and, most importantly, keep you and your house safe.
  • If leaves and tree litter are a constant problem then enquire about installing a Gutter Guard, like Complete Leafscreener, which creates a total barrier.Twigs and leaves which would normally find their way into the gutter simply skim over and disappear.
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