Holman’s Grey Water

Story Title: Holman’s Grey Water.
Episode: Five.
Date: November 7th 2009.
Presenter: Neville Passmore.

Neville shows you a great product that doesn’t cost a fortune that will allow you to recycle water from your home and use it in your garden.

Featured Product
Holman’s Arid Gardener

  • The Arid Gardener retrieves and recycles water from your home so that you can use the water on your garden.
  • Is a constant source of water, without turning on the garden tap.
  • It filters water from your laundry or washing machine, and then distributes it through a irrigation drip line to your garden.
  • Has a fully automatic control.
  • No electrician needed DIY installation.
  • Automatically empties the tank daily.
  • Available at Bunnings.


Holman Industries
Address: 463 Scarborough Beach Road. Osborne Park. Western Australia 6017.
Phone: 1800 058 080
Website: www.holmanindustries.com.au