Why is Seasol good for plants

Story Title: Why is Seasol good for plants.
Episode: Five.
Date: November 7th 2009.
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane.

Trevor travelled all the way to King Island to discover where Seasol comes from.

Featured Product

  • Seasol has been manufactured in Australia since the 1970’s from the seaweed known as Bull Kelp which contains naturally occurring growth stimulants.
  • Bull Kelp gets blown up on the beaches during storms, it once would have just rotted away, but now it’s harvested for the benefit of gardeners across Australia and turned into Seasol.
  • The process used to manufacture Seasol is quite unique it’s highly concentrated and highly refined. The kelp is first hung up on giant drying racks, so that it can be broken down into chips. It then undergoes a sophisticated process that converts the chips into a liquid form a powerful plant tonic that is quickly and easily taken up by plants.
  • Not only is Seasol used in most gardeners sheds around Australia, but it is also instrumental in commercial production of organic produce with many of the country’s leading organic growers.
  • Lady Bird Organics is famous for being the freshest, healthiest, crunchiest salad plants around and they became Australia’s most popular for a very special reason- they have been using Seasol on their plants for years.
  • The other great thing about Seasol you probably didn’t know is it is a 100% Australian owned product so when you’re helping your plants you’re helping support fellow Australians which is great.

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