New Release Plants

Story Title: New Release Plants.
Episode: Five.
Date: November 7th 2009.
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane.

Trevor talks with Ozbreed’s Nathan and finds out the top plants for spring that every gardener must have.

Featured Products:

Vintage Red

  • Foliage on the Vintage Red shows up shades of different colours depending on the age of the foliage.
  • Performs very well in many areas of Australia.


  • One of the most popular shrubs, due to their toughness, and all year round clean foliage.
  • Ideal for tough roadsides, for mass planting as a ground cover in gardens and large amenity areas.


  • Keeps its form even after years of growth.
  • It is widely used and performs well in the landscape.

Katie Belles

  • Extremely resistant to root rot and tolerates excessively wet areas and high humidity areas.
  • Beautiful flowers that flower for months at a time.


  • Is an evergreen ultra low maintenance plant that is incredibly drought tolerant.
  • Quick to establish and very versatile.

Pure Blonde

  • Has an amazing colour contrast. Stays blonde for two months in spring, then slowly turns green. By summer it is mainly green, which helps it do well in the hot weather.
  • Tough enough to grow almost anywhere in Australia.

Cassa Blue

  • Stunning blue flowers and foliage. Ideal for mass planting, accent plant, foliage or grassy gardens.
  • Hardy, frost and drought tolerant.

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