No Irrigation Gardening

Story Title: No Irrigation Gardening.
Episode: Six.
Date: November 21st 2009.
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane.

Trevor and Nathan from Ozbreed set up a no irrigation garden using strappy leaf plants.

Featured Plants:


Flax Flamin’:

  • Grows best in full sun to shaded positions.
  • Low maintenance once established.

Dianella ‘Cassa Blue’:

  • Great colour contrasting plant, good for mass planting.
  • Very low water requirement.

Dianella ‘Little Rev’:

  • Provides an excellent contrast to green plants like Liriope.
  • Very hardy plant that requires little maintenance once established.

Dianella ‘Little Jess’:

  • Great commercial and domestic plant.
  • Excellent humidity tolerance and good cold tolerance.

Lomandra ‘Tanika’:

  • Very versatile plant that is quick to establish.
  • Drought tolerant.

Lomandra ‘Wingara’:

  • Suitable for most Australian Climatic Zones
  • Drought and frost tolerant.

Lomandra ‘Katrinus Deluxe’:

  • Abundance of large flower clusters and grows well in full sun.
  • Tolerates windy and salt laden windy positions.

Lomandra Nyalla:

  • Great for mass or specimen planting at roadsides, estates, golf courses, gardens and other amenity areas.
  • Low maintenance with great evergreen foliage.

Kangaroo Paw ‘Velvet Range’:

  • Beautiful dark green foliage, with masses of showy bright yellow flowers.
  • Ideal for mass planting.

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