Save water the smart way

Story Title:  Save water the smart way
Episode: Four
Date: 27th March 2010.
Presenter: Phillip Johnson

Phillip Johnson shows viewers around a suburban water wise garden and gives tips to saving water the smart way.

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Phillip Johnsons Sustainable Landscape Systems

  • Use all available water on site, rather than letting it run down the drain.
  • Use multiple types of water storage - tanks and billabongs.
  • Use natural creeks/waterways to filter water before going into tanks, or out to storm water.
  • Use pumps to deliver water from storage to irrigate the garden where necessary.
  • Create spaces, that means when it rains you want to be in the garden, not hiding inside.
  • Look to combine garden functionality with aesthetics - great looking veggie tubs, a rock to rest the washing basket on, billabong for water storage.

Alko Domestic Water Pump - Model Jet 601 with Hydrocontrol

  • AL-KO garden JET pumps are extremely versatile.  
  • They are ideal for when you just want to use your tank water for irrigating the garden or washing your car or boat. 
  • They'll provide ample pressure for your garden hose and sprinklers. 
  • 52 Litre per minute water flow (3100 litres per hour) with 35metre head.
  • Hardwearing Polypropylene casing, water resistant.
  • 2 year replacement warranty.

Address: 67-91 Nathan Road, Dandenong South VIC 3175
Phone: 1800 035 603

Phillip Johnson Sustainable Landscape Systems

Address: 29 High Street Glen Iris Vic 3146
Phone: 03 9886 9793