Story Title: Irrigation
Episode: Food and Garden Special
Date: 4 April 2010
Presenter: Neville Passmore


As seasons change, so does the water demand for plants. Summer is the peak demand season and established plants can get by on two drinks per week once they have established a wide ranging root system. This applies to lawns too.

Neville's Tips and Facts

  • In autumn we experience cooler temperatures and rain, and as a result you only need to water once a week. In winter you don't need to water at all.
  • So it's worth getting out into the garden now and programming your reticulation controller.
  • Now if that prospect fills you with dread make sure you grab the instructions. Work through these in a step by step way and modern controllers become ridiculously easy to program.
  • Getting the system right means you can have a beautiful and productive garden and save buckets of water every day.

Maintaining your irrigation system.

  • For pop up sprinklers, a maximum of 15 minutes per station on your two watering days in summer is sufficient.
  • During winter, your irrigation system should be turned off.
  • You only need to water on one of your rostered days during spring and autumn, and only if it hasn't rained.


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