Clean Green Garden Maintenance Machines

Story Title:  Clean Green Garden Maintenance Machines
Episode:  Five
Date: 3rd April 2010
Trevor Cochrane

Trevor shows what machines to use to keep the garden in tip top shape and shares tips on keeping your lawn looking green.

Featured Products

Seasol for Lush Green Lawns

  • Seasol for Lush Green Lawns is the perfect pick me up for a healthy lawn all year round. It is a unique lawn food containing seaweed, liquid composts, major nutrients and trace elements plus a wetting agent.
  • The liquid composts in Seasol for Lush Green Lawns are highly effective soil conditioners, so the product has benefits above and below the ground.
  • It's a totally soluble formulation which means it's taken up quickly, so you'll soon get a lush green lawn. It also improves the health of the soil and promotes good root development.


  • The old fashioned 2 stroke lawn mowers were a notoriously bad air polluter.
  • Whilst many of the big names kept doing the usual manufacturing, one company made a strategic decision to change and it was led from the top. Honda made a decision 20 years before his competitors to convert their machines to 4 stroke engines because he knew what terrible polluters 2 strokes are. It was brilliant news for the environment and the quality of home garden maintenance.
  • Honda is renowned for their technical superiority with what they produce and the Buffalo Buck Mower as the name suggests is the perfect mower for Buffalo lawns. It's incredibly powerful, easy to manoeuvre and powerful enough to handle the tougher thick blades of the world's most popular buffalo grass, Palmetto.
  • The 4 stroke technology is not just limited to mowers, it's also applicable to the line trimmers and this is easy to use, has very low vibration which is particularly important if you suffer from arthritis, and because it's so well designed it takes the hard work out of trimming the edges.

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