Sensational New Release Roses

Story Title: Sensational New Release Roses
Episode: Eight
Date: April 24th 2010
Presenter:  Kim Syrus

Every winter Australia's top rose breeders release new varieties. Kim Syrus takes a sneak peak at some from the class of 2010 and rates his top five fragrant roses.


  • Rose breeders produce new roses each year to improve on older varieties. Some want a more intense colour, better fragrance or better disease resistance.
  • 2010 must be the year of giving with the part proceeds of a number of roses going to some very worthy organisations. These include the Slim Dusty and St John. The Slim Dusty has the rich hues of the outback and sales of this rose will help build the Slim Dusty Centre in NSW. The St John rose is a rich velvety red which has a great perfume and as its name suggests, St John Ambulance (South Australia) is the beneficiary.
  • If you're looking for a climber, try the magnificent new Blushing Pierre de Ronsard. Those wanting a border rose should try Marmalade Skies which grows to just under a metre. This rich tangerine floribunda is a non-stop flower shop.
  • Before Kim rates his top five fragrant roses of 2010, he has to define what he's “smelling” for. This comes down to five key ingredients or notes: a true rose note, a citrus note, a fruit note, spice note and vegetable note. More of one note, changes the fragrance's intensity and style. Just like a good song, the right mix of these notes deliver's the right perfume.
  • The jury's in and Kim's top five fragrant roses are: Fire Fighter, Betty Cuthbert, Slim Dusty, Fire Star and St John.


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For more information on rose varieties and how to best care for each variety, check out Trevor and Neville's book, The Rose. It is available at all good bookstores or can be ordered online here.