Story Title: Aquaponics
Episode: Eight
Date: April 24th 2010
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor shows how easy it is to set up an Aquaponics system in your garden. You will be growing your own fish and vegetables in no time.

Featured Product:

Hydroponic Xpress Aquaponics System

  • Hydroponic Xpress are the experts when it comes to establishing Hydroponic and Aquaponic systems. To produce about 15 to 20 kilos of fish you need a 500 litre tank, a large hydroponic tray and aluminum stand and about 150 litres of expanded clay.
  • The way the system works is the fish eat lots of food and as a byproduct, produce waste which is circulatede into the hydroponic grow bed this is converted by naturally occurring nitrifying bacteria into plant nutrients. The more plants, the more they absorb and the purer the water is that flows back to fish.
  • The system also uses a circulation pump and an aeration pump which dissolves oxygen through the water an essential component for fish survival. The pumps are cheap to run at about $5 a week and the system is simple to set up by yourself.
  • For more information on Aquaponics click here


Hydroponic Xpress
Lot 12 Warton Rd
Canning Vale WA 6155
Phone: 1800 640 222