Tomato Time

Story Title: Tomato Time
Episode: 4
Date: 18th September
Presenter: Kim Syrus

Growing tomatoes at home has never been more popular or easy. Kim shows your how.

HERO - Upside-Down Tomato and Herb Planter –

  • Yields up to 12kg of tomatoes per season.
  • Harvests up to 4 weeks earlier.
  • Needs less space – perfect for balconies and patios.
  • Special inbuilt features (Aqua Diffuser) to make sure water is evenly distributed through the soil.

BRU Tomato Magic Growing Mix

  • Specially developed growing mix with excellent drainage and blood and bone to promote initial root growth.

BRU Tomato & Vegie Starter Fertiliser

  • Tomatoes are voracious feeders.
  • Tom & Veg Starter is an organic based granular fertiliser designed to encourage strong root growth and bigger tomatoes.
  •  It is ideal for new seedlings and plants at early flowering stage.


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