Butterfly Chicken

Story Title: Butterfly Chicken
Episode 1: WA's Great Gardens
Date: 3 October 2010
Presenter: Neville Passmore

A butterfly chicken is a great dish for any barbecue. This preparation technique allows an entire chicken to lie flat on the grill, cook evenly and look great. And the beauty about visiting your local butcher is that he will do it for you.

Tips and Facts

  • To butterfly a chicken, you must remove both the backbone and breastbone, to leave the chicken completely flattened.
  • The best way to start is by placing the whole chicken, breast side down, with the drumsticks pointing towards you. You will be able to feel the backbone of the chicken running down the centre.
  • When butterflying a chicken you will need a sharp knife as cutting through the centre of the chicken, including ribs, so make sure to be extra careful and remove any excess fat.
  • When you first butterfly a chicken, the breastbone may break instead of coming out in one piece. It takes practice to master a clean breastbone removal.
  • For your next barbecue, just ask your local butcher to prepare the chicken for you. They will marinate it and prepare it ready to cook.

Did you know?

  • Mt Barker chickens are only grown in Mount Barker, which is located approximately 400km south of Perth in the pristine Great Southern region.
  • All of Mount Barker chickens are free of added hormones and antibiotic growth promotants, so they are not only fresher and tastier, but also a lot healthier to eat.
  • At Mt Barker, the chickens are free to roam outdoors from dawn to dusk after they have finished brooding. The free-range area has green grass, tree-shelter belts and even dust baths for the chickens to play in.
  • Mt Barker is WA owned and operated and works closely with organisations such as Landcare to help with ecological projects in the Mt Barker area.
  • When choosing chicken look for a pinkish coloured meat and avoid any chicken with a cloudy or watery appearance. Chicken that is watery may have had water added
  •  Mt Barker chickens are grown to the highest welfare and food standards, which ensures you get the highest quality chicken in WA.


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