Creating a Courtyard Part 2

Story Title: Creating a Courtyard Part 2
Episode: 7
Date: 9th October 2010
Presenter: Kim Syrus

If you want any help getting your yard going, jump onto the VIP website, it might just be the start of a beautiful garden at your place.

Why choose VIP?

  • Calling in the help of a professional like VIP can quickly turn your garden around.
  • They'll listen to what you want in your yard and advise on the best designs and the most suitable plants.

VIP Services include

  • Improving drainage through the application of Gypsum or coring
  • Removing weeds such as Winter Grass before they invade and choke your lawn
  • Covering bare patches by planting runners of couch, buffalo or kikuyu
  • Applying a dedicated lawn fertilizer to green up and get the turf growing


Contact Details

VIP Home Services
Unit 2, 277 - 281 Sir Donald Bradman Drive,
Cowandilla, SA, 5033
Phone: 08 8220 4500
Fax: 08 8220 4599