Seasol and Commercial Growers

Story Title: Seasol and Commercial Growers
Episode: 8
Date: 30th October 2010
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Plant nutrition is vitally important in producing fast growing crops like lettuce and veggies. What should you be feeding your plants to get them growing strongly?


  • Lady Bird organics was once a traditional grower using chemicals but they have after 2 generations become organic certified growers producing lettuce, vegetables and fruit such as strawberries and tomatoes for the national supermarket market.
  • Organics are grown using green composts such as legumes and soil improvers like Seasol to activate soil health
  • The grower says using seasol improves the plants hardiness and tolerance to extremes; because plants are harder, they are less impacted by insect and fungal issues.
  • Pest issues are less because plants are stronger and this means no chemical use. Any pest controls can be handled by using natural cures and solutions.
  • Strawberries are larger, better coloured and most importantly better flavoured.
  • Look out for lady bird organically grown produce in leading supermarkets and grower markets.

Special Thanks to Lady Bird Organics, VIC

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