Queen Mum Agapanthus

Story Title: Queen Mum Agapanthus
Episode: 1
Date: 11 December 2010
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor features one of this season's must have plants for your garden.

Trevor's Tips and Facts

  • Agapanthus are one of the best waterwise plants around, able to tolerate extreme conditions and bounce back with the next rain. The traditional blue or white flowers have been a summer highlight in Aussie gardens for years.
  • Some would suggest that they have potential to become an environmental weed problem. However, I've never seen this personally and think the value of these plants in the home garden is too important.
  • There are a number of new Agapanthus appearing now and this season's must have is called queen mum and was bred by Pine mountain nursery in Brisbane. The flowers are bi color, blue and white on the one flower head.
  • One of the other significant things about this amazing robust growing plant is its flower delivery. Its flowers open in mid to late December so you enjoy the flowers over the festive season when traditional agapanthus have finished flowering.
  • This plant is part of the Ozbreed Best Plants range.



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