Growing Frangipani

Story Title: Growing Frangipani
Episode: 3
Date: 22 January 2011
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

One of Trevor's favourite summer trees is the beautiful frangipani, because they pretty much grow everywhere on the mainland and can create a tropical paradise in your own backyard.

Trevor's Tips and Facts

  • Frangipani is a very good waterwise plant when mature, the biggest complaint I get about them is that they don't produce enough flowers and this is usually because they are too well looked after.
  • The trick with frangipanis is not watering them too much with just 1 drink a week being enough and remember don't feed them unless you want them to put lots of growth on.
  • Frangipanis are really easy to grow and even easier to transplant, even at a huge mature stage.
  • You can grow frangipanis from cuttings, make sure cuttings are left to dry ideally for a couple of days.
  • The plants will drop roots through summer and start growing slowly before going dormant in June. It might be 5 months before they emerge but at that stage they take off and establish quickly. If you plant large cuttings its critical you support them so they don't move and damage emerging roots.
  • The last thing to remember is if you live in a colder climate or a climate where you get frosts plant them as close to concrete or brick walls on a north facing aspect. This allows them to absorb as much heat as possible during winter and they will not disappoint.