Updating Your Garden

Story Title: Updating Your Garden
Episode: One
TX Date: 27th August 2011
Presenter: Matt Leacy

The Garden Gurus landscape expert Matt Leacy investigates what outdoor garden products will be a great investment in your garden this season.

Tips and Facts

  • The Tap to Hose Connector will securely connect the tap to the hose and you will never again have to worry about the pressure blowing them apart.
  • The Tap to Hose Connector will fit onto your existing tap and hose. The faces of each fitting are identical making it more versatile than any other hose fitting available on the market.
  • The identical face on each side of the Hoselink fittings means, every hose connector is compatible with all other Hoselink Tap, Accessory and Hose Connectors.

Featured Products

Featured Plants

  • Bird of Paradise
  • Double Jonquil

Other Products available

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