Propagating plants

Story Title: Propagating plants
Episode: One
TX Date: 02nd August 2011
Presenter: Kim Syrus

Kym Syrus shows you how to propagate one of the great architectural plants of the gardening world.

Tips and Facts

  • When choosing a shoot to propagate, select one with a good amount of foliage and use a saw or garden loppers to cut it off cleanly.
  • Before potting the shoot, trim back the foliage and leave in a shaded spot for a week to allow the cut to heal over.
  • Use a sand or seed raising mix when re-potting and to keep the stem from rotting, keep the mix damp but not overly wet.
  • The original plant will reshoot at the cut, so you may be able to propagate more cuttings later on.

Featured Plant

  • Soft Tip Yukka (Yukka Elephantipes)