Planting Season Tips

Story Title: Planting Season Tips
Episode: Seven
TX Date: 5th November 2011
Presenter: Melissa King

Spring is an ideal time for planting and there are plenty of beautiful plants, which you simply won't be able to resist during your next visit to your local garden centre. And with plenty of time for plants to kick in Melissa shows you what to do now to ensure growth throughout the hot season.

Tips and Facts

  • Seasol Planting Gel contains Seasol and essential nutrients.
  • The gel absorbs, retains and delivered water for an extended period.
  • Seasol Planting Gel is re-hydrated during normal watering, this helps to ensure a healthy start for all plants.

Featured Product

  • Seasol Planting Gel.
  • Seasol Concentrate.

Featured Plant


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