Uplifting Your Garden

Story Title: Uplifting Your Garden
Episode: One
Broadcast Date: 3rd March 2012
Presenter: Kim Syrus

As with everything we do in the garden, you get out what you put in, and it all starts with getting the soil right. If you want the tastiest veggies around, preparing your soil with the right organic liquid fertiliser will be your key to delicious success.

About Yates Uplift

  • A convenient all rounder containing a fish based fertiliser, seaweed tonic, natural soil conditioner, wetting agent plus special BioActive microbes.
  • The BioActiv microbe technology means that millions of beneficial bacteria are working to improve nutrient availability & soil structure.
  • Suitable for your whole garden! Fertilise veggies, fruit trees, shrubs and the lawn.
  • Available in a handy liquid concentrate or a hose on application.

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Yates Uplift


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