Harvest Delights

Story Title: Harvest Delights
Episode: Five
Broadcast Date: 31st March 2012
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor returns to the exciting garden Jetto’s patch to find out more useful hints on growing an enviable edible garden.

Fun Facts and Tasty Tips

  • In their typical suburban block Dario and Michele have transformed their patch of lawn into a Garden of Eden, they currently have about 480 different edible plant species.
  • The amount of food they produce is not only enough to feed a family of four but some weeks enough for twenty people! Meaning their extended family and co-workers also get to delight in their chemical free produce.
  • Joining an online gardening group such as Jetto’s patch is a fabulous way to begin doing your part for a sustainable future.


Dario and Michele Franzinelli