The Sustainable Classroom

Story Title: The Sustainable Classroom
Episode: Six
Broadcast Date: 12th May 2012
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor shows you his innovative new concept ‘The Sustainability Classroom’, an amazing and original way to help children learn on a practical level at school.

Sustainable Classroom Facts

  • The classroom consists of vegetable beds, an urban orchard, a chicken coop, aquaponic systems, a compost area, an outdoor kitchen and seating for the kids to conduct outside lessons.
  • In a little over a year the sustainability classroom will produce 3650 eggs, 60 kilograms of fresh fish, 10 kilograms of marron, 1600 kilograms of fresh fruit and an endless supply of fresh vegetables, herbs and spices that are all eaten fresh or cooked in the classroom.
  • The Sustainability Classroom will help students who struggle with conceptualizing theoretical learning and allow those kids the opportunity to study practical natural sciences outdoors.

For more information on how this great concept could happen at your school contact The Garden Gurus!