Microbial Revolution

Story Title: Microbial Revolution
Episode: One
Broadcast Date: 23rd March 2013
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor recently discovered something he's incredibly excited about and it's set to revolutionise gardening and the best part? It's an Australian made product!

The Revolution is here

  • It is critical in our ancient impoverished soils that we boost nutrition to sustain the exotic plants that make up about 85% of all Australian gardens. The trouble is about 50% of the fertiliser applied to farms and home gardens leaches below the roots of the plant before they can absorb it, this reaches groundwater and waterways polluting our environment
  • Controlled release plants foods are a great solution to this issue the only problem is our soils are baked during the summer and unless we are boosting the organic matter up to develop the soil microbe populations, then the slow release fertiliser will not be taken up by the plants root system
  • Troforte is a controlled release fertiliser that has 26 to 30 of the most important Australian soil microbes and beneficial fungi encapsulated into the coating of the fertiliser. These microbes and fungi which are native to Australian soil and were selected because of their many beneficial traits feed from the mineralised fertiliser converting it into an organic nutrient solution slowly over 6 months allowing the plants to absorb much more than would normally be possible.
  • Now is the time to feed your garden. With the soil moisture levels right as we get winter rains microbes will start exploding into growth and this fertiliser will improve your soils health as well as your plants health and performance
  • Click here to find your local supplier of Troforte

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