A Piece of Peace

Story Title: A Piece of Peace
Episode: Three
Broadcast Date: 6th April 2013
Presenter: Susannah Wilson

Susannah steps into the magical world of one of our Facebook friend's gardens that decided to create a little piece of Singapore for his homesick wife

A Sanctuary for the Soul

  • 28 years ago Gerry and his wife moved over from Singapore. In the first year his wife was terribly homesick so he decided to build her a slice of home
  • Initially Gerry had to overcome the sandy soils of Australia and after trial and error decided to plant the majority of his plants into decorative pots around the garden
  • After years of developing his garden Gerry has gotten the watering down to once a week and everything is hand watered. His garden is truly a labour of love
  • No fertiliser is used on the garden only leaf litter that breaks down to provide the plants with nutrients
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