Gardens of the World - Ireland

Story Title: Gardens of the World - Ireland
Episode: 7
Broadcast Date: 04th May 2013
Presenter: Susannah Wilson

Susannah takes us on a journey to some of Ireland’s most famous gardens

Famous Irish Gardens

  • Located in the heart of Dublin, Helen Dillon’s cottage garden is filled with an eclectic mix of species
  • Her collection includes species like Roses, Linum and Delphinium
  • Next stop is Bantry Bay, located on the south west tip of Ireland
  • The Bantry house and garden sits above the bay and was constructed in 1739 by Richard White (the first earl of Bantry)
  • The gardens are Italian in style and stretch over 80 acres and can still be viewed today
  • Also in southwest Ireland is Garnish Island bequeathed to the Irish people in 1953
  • Each year over 70 thousand people make their way to the island by ferry to view the gardens
  • Brice Annan started the gardens in 1910, transforming what was once a baron coastal landscape into a flourishing array of exotics
  • The oldest structure in the garden is the Martello Tower - an original feature of the Island dating back to 1805
  • The tower was built by the British war office as protection against a possible Napoleonic invasion

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