Bloom Flower Show

Story Title: Bloom Flower Show
Episode: Two
Broadcast Date: 24th August 2013
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane & Kim Syrus

If you ever find yourself in the Emerald Isle at the beginning of June you simply must check out the Bloom Flower Show. It is one of the top garden festivals in the world! Trevor and Kim walk through some of the award winning gardens featuring elements you can easily recreate at home.

Full Bloom in Ireland

  • The Bloom festival showcases 28 of the best gardens in the world from 28 of the top garden designers, featuring achievable designs for any home gardener
  • All garden designs are full of great ideas showing you that with an achievable budget, careful planning, and proper utilization of space, you can easily achieve your dream look
  • Creating the popular mop top plant is actually quite simple - choose a strong stemmed plant like a daisy, prune off the soft low branches and once it reaches the right height it's only a matter of trimming it back to create the mop shape
  • The Bloom festival is not only about gardens it also features 100 Irish food producers, restaurants and cafes, it also has 25 cookery demonstrations! No wonder it attracted over 100,000 visitors in 2013
  • If you'd like to visit Bloom in 2014 Click Here